Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sparkles the fishy!

This weekend, Kayla stayed at my house because her parents were out of town. On Friday, we made a trip to walmart and as we walked in, we saw a bunch of Betta fish. We both looked at each other knowing we were thinking the same thing... "Let's get a fishy!!" We thought it was a brilliant idea. We then decided that we didn't want a Walmart fish so we made a trip to Petsmart. When we got there, we couldn't find that PERFECT fish, so we went to Petco. Right when we walked in, we found the it! We had already decided on the name Sparkles due to the fact that we got ourselves in a mess glittering my sister's mirror (that I previously wrote about) and it was a funny memory that will last forever. When we came across the fish at Petco, we knew that it fit with the name Sparkles. While we were looking at her, one of the employees came up to us and asked "Are you 18?" "Umm I will be in a month, does that count?" I responded. "Nope! You have to be 18 to buy livestock." Kayla and I were so upset. We then started to think of all of our friends who were 18 and would be willing to help us. Finally, we got a friend to drive all the way to Petco just so we could get a fish! We were so excited! We then went back to Walmart (we go there about 3 times everyday) and got a fish bowl and some rocks. We got home and set up the fish tank for Sparkles. It's a happy little fishy now :)

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