Friday, July 13, 2012

Glitter Happy

Arts and crafts is one of my favorite things! Lately, I've been into glitter! So far, I've made a few things. Some have turned out great, others... not so much. Today, my friend, Kayla, came over and we decided to get crafty. She told me about an idea she saw on Pinterest, a glittered light switch. We thought it was a brilliant idea, so we glittered my sister's (with her permission, of course). Once we were finished, we thought it looked good and wanted to glitter some more. We were in the glitter mood! We looked around for things we could glitter. Finally, we came up with what we thought was a genius idea... glitter my sister's dresser mirror! Who wouldn't like that? Again, we got her permission before we started the glittering process, but we kinda forgot to check with my parents! In the middle of the glittering process, we heard my dad coming down the hallway. Boy, did we get nervous! I sprinted to the door to distract my dad while Kayla dove under the bed. Of course, my dad knew something was up. "What are y'all doing?" he asked. "Umm.. nothing! Not to worry dad," I replied. Then, he entered the room! Our faces were covered with fear! "Are you mad at me?" Kayla asked, worried. "I'm dismayed," responded my dad with the two words we will never forget! He then left the room. Although we were scared, we couldn't help but giggle. We continued glittering until it was finished. We made a bit of a mess, that's for sure! Before we showed my sister, we started cleaning up. But of course we couldn't be done making messes! Clumsy me took a step back and my foot landed right in the plate with glitter! The laughing went on and on. Finally, we were done and called my sister to the room. Even though it doesn't look that great, she claims to like it. We then called my parents to the room. My mom looked at it and said, "Next time, please ask for our permission first." I responded by saying, "Well, I would've, but I thought the dresser was cheap." "It was, but now it's cheaper!!" she said. So in the end, it wasn't the most genius idea ever. In fact, it was probably the exact opposite! But it definitely created a memory that will last forever!

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