Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Trip to Grandma's and Grandpa's house!

Yesterday, my dad, sister, and I made a trip down to San Antonio to see our grandparents. My mom was already in San Antonio because she is helping with a student council camp this week. Lately my grandpa has been sick due to a stroke and then, on top of that, he had poison in his body from a pocket of infection from a past surgery. I've been really worried about it, but he has been great as of yesterday! It's pretty much like he's back to his normal self! Yesterday, aty grandparents, I made two canvases for my grandma to put in here living room. We picked out the colors together and then I made it! After that, my dad and sister went to get my mom to join us for dinner. We had a chicken rice casserole and for dessert, a delicious chocolate pie! After supper, my sister and I jumped in the juccuzi for a little bit! We then, went in side and we all sat around and talked for a bit. Finally, it was time for bed! This morning, I woke up to my grandpa playing the kazoo. Normally, I wouldn't be too happy but this morning it was different. I was glad to see him up, moving around, and being silly! Right now, my sister and I are watching tv with my grandparents while my dad is at a meeting he had for work. When he gets back from the meeting, it'll be time for us to head back. Although I'm sad to leave so soon, I'm happy that I got to see my grandparents. Just like grandpa and I were talking about last night, I am blessed to have four wonderful grandparents (I'll get to see the other two on Monday!). Thanks grandma and grandpa for everything you do! I love you!

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