Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Not So Boring Summer

Although I have had a few boring, lazy days this summer, overall, I've been staying pretty busy... which is a wonderful thing! Boredom is my greatest enemy. Hanging out with friends, work, and lots and lots of crafts has been keeping me going. Monday and Tuesday I stayed busy hanging out with my boyfriend, Scott, and working on some crafts. I just finished two canvases for my parents room (which will be posted soon). On Wednesday, I spent the morning with my best friend, Kayla. We ran all around Mansfield and Arlington running errands. Wednesday night, my aunt brought her three kids (whom happen to be the cutest kids ever) over to stay the night. We had a water balloon fight, played Just Dance on the Wii, made s'mores, and painted. We had a great time making messes and spoiling them with lots of sugar! On Thursday, after the kids were picked up, I went over to Scott's house to hang out for a bit. Then, I went to work at the country club. I work in childcare and at the front desk. After work, I rushed home and changed to go get in line with Scott to see Batman: The Dark Knight Rises! I was out til 3 am for the midnight premier, and I was so tired when I was finally home. But, it was definitely worth it! Friday, I was able to sleep in (thank goodness!), and then Scott came over and we ran some errands in the wonderful 108 degrees. I thought I was gonna die of a heat stroke!! When we were done with errands, I came home and got ready for work. At that point, I would've preferred to just be bored, but thankfully the kids in childcare were pretty good! On Saturday (yesterday), I went to a scholarship workshop. I applied for about 10 scholarships! After that, Kayla and I went shopping and piddled around at the mall. We then came home and watched Batman: The Dark Knight, while we made some delicious snickerdoodles! Kayla stayed the night and this morning headed back home. Then I worked on another craft, which will also be posted soon. Now, I am sitting in the theater with my family waiting to watch Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, again! All that to say, I am staying busy and having a great summer!

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